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Home Equity Loans

Take a cruise. Fix up the house. Buy a car. Whatever! Use the money for any reason you want – and your interest payments may be tax deductible. Using the equity you’ve built up in your home is a smart way to fund those needed repairs, and needed desires.

To calculate the amount of your equity available in your home, use the following formula:

Market Value of Home: $
* 80% – $
Total liens against home: $
Amount of Equity Available in Your Home: $

Just use your recent tax statement value to calculate the above equity. If you don’t have enough equity to meet your needs, we can obtain an appraisal from a certified appraiser. Homes normally appraise for more than their tax value, so this could be money well spent.

Getting a home equity loan is easier than you may think, and we can give you an immediate decision over the phone or in person. Plus, you know the interest rate will be one of the lowest around, and you won’t get surprised by a bunch of closing costs or fees.

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