Member Services

Direct Deposit

Skip the lines while having your paycheck, Social Security, pension or annuity check deposited directly to your account(s) on your terms.

With Direct Deposit, instead of a check, you get an “advice of deposit” at each payroll, which shows which account or accounts your money went into.  It’s instantly available, whether by ATM, or for transfer or bill payment through Virtual Branch. Payroll deduction is a process that, once it’s set up, lets you put money into several accounts, or even pay off loans…all without a single check, trip to the branch, or even a phone call.

So, how can you get Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction? Just tell the payroll department where you work. All you need is MCU’s routing and transit number which is 311978290 and your account number.

Gift Cards

MCU sells Visa® Gift Cards at each branch. Gift Cards can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. The minimum purchase for a Gift Card is $10, the maximum is $1,000. The cost per card is as follows:

  • $3.95 for purchase amounts up to $500
  • $4.95 for amounts over $500
  • $2.95 for minimum orders of 25
  • $2.50 for minimum orders of 51

Coin Counters

MCU offers a coin counter at our Nolan River Road office in Cleburne. There is no fee for MCU Members and Dollar Dog Club members. Non-members may use the machine for an 8% fee.

Wire Transfers

Wiring Instructions:

Credit: Catalyst Corporate FCU (311990511)

Further Credit: Members Credit Union (311978290)

Final Credit: Member Name & Account Number

Other Member Services

  • Drive-up windows
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Cashier’s checks
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