About Us

At Members Credit Union, our difference is in our name. We’re owned by our members to serve our members. As a cooperative, we don’t ship profits—your money—to far-off shareholders. Instead, we invest in our people and our communities, right here in Hood and Johnson counties.

Locations. Visit the convenient full-service location that’s closest to you. Find out more

History. We began as the Santa Fe Employees Credit Union in 1954 and have grown to more than 7,800 members today. Find out more

FAQ. You have questions? We have answers! Everything you wanted to know about MCU but were afraid to ask. Find out more

Disclosures. Important information about your accounts, including our fee schedule and more. Find out more

Annual Report. Every year we hold an annual meeting and publish our Annual Report, which gives you a snapshot of how your credit union is doing. Download the latest one here





Members Credit Union BBB Business Review

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