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(817) 641-4031
Metro (817) 558-0226
Toll Free (866) 511-4011


(817) 645-0279


Lost or Stolen Cards

Lost/Stolen Visa Check Card: After MCU hours please call 1-800-554-8969

Lost/Stolen MasterCard: After MCU hours please call 1-800-442-4757

Management and Board

Paul Elkins, President & CEO

Teresa Leck, Vice President of Operations

Roxanne Thomas, Vice President of Administration

Will Head, Vice President of Lending

Marieliz Garcia, Branch Manager – Burleson

Chris Cooke, Chairman

Cleve Weyenberg, Jr, Vice-Chairman

Greg Wilmore, Treasurer

Cecil May, Secretary

Gary Heinrich, Director

David Price, Director

Sabrina Watson, Director

Greg Harmon, Director

Debbie Rice, Director



Members Credit Union BBB Business Review

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