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At Members Credit Union, we give you the tools to work with us—to transact your financial business—when it fits your schedule, not ours.

Need to apply for a car loan on a Sunday? Do it! Want to transfer money from savings to checking while you’re on vacation? Do it! Want to get a mortgage pre-approval in 3 minutes? Do it! Do all this online or by calling anytime day or night and speaking with a live MCU representative. We’ll create the tools, all you need to do is use them…on your schedule.

When you join Members Credit Union you become an owner. You see, we’re a not-for-profit cooperative organization. That means we’re owned by our members, not some far-off stockholders. Any net income we make gets returned to our members in the form of lower rates when they borrow and higher rates when they save.

With MCU, it’s simple: if you or an immediate family member lives or works in Hood or Johnson County, or in zip codes 76028 & 76036, you can join us.

Click the Join MCU button and follow the directions. You’ll be able to open your account and transfer funds into your new MCU account immediately.  Accounts are verified before any withdrawal activity can take place; to protect our members, security comes first.

It’s easy to become a member of Members Credit Union and start getting some of the best loan and deposit rates in the country. All it takes to become a member is at least $30 for your membership savings account and $25 to open a checking account.

Join MCU

Members Credit Union BBB Business Review

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