Payments and transfers have never been easier

How would you like to transfer funds to make your MCU loan payment, with no check? What if we told you that it didn’t matter where these funds were held? What if we further told you that you could also transfer money from any bank, credit union or other financial institution into an MCU account…instantly, with no checks required?

Introducing QUIKpay, the service from Members Credit Union that allows you to authorize an automatic withdrawal from any account, anywhere to make your loan payment or transfer to MCU instantly. It’s free, saves you time, postage, and the hassle of writing those monthly checks. QUIKpay will be set up as a monthly recurring debit on the day of your choice. Contact Member Services and start saving yourself some time and postage today!

But that’s not all; you can also use QUIKpay to transfer funds from any other financial institution into your deposit account(s) with MCU.

If you need to transfer money out of MCU, say to another financial institution, we have that covered too, with our Bill Pay service.

Members Credit Union BBB Business Review

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