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 Mark your calendars for Thursday, September 22, 2022 to attend the MCU Annual Business Meeting. The meeting will be held at 4:00pm in the Lobby of Members Credit Union in Cleburne.

The only items of business for this meeting will be the approval of the Minutes from 2021’s Annual Business Meeting and the election of Board Members. The meeting is expected to conclude within 30 minutes.

Our Credit Union depends on volunteers to serve on our committees and to assist in other ways.  A nominating committee has been appointed to coordinate and compile a listing of those who may be interested in volunteering their time. The members of the nominating committee are Chris Cooke, Greg Harmon and Gary Heinrich. You may contact them directly or drop by the Credit Union office for further information on serving as a volunteer for your credit union.

Current Board Members up for re-election during the Annual Meeting include David Price, Sabrina Watson & Debbie Rice.

In lieu of food during the meeting, MCU will, on behalf of our members, provide lunch to all Cleburne Police and Fire Department employees during the first week of August. We will also make a monetary donation to the Cleburne Advocacy Center on our members’ behalf.

Member Appreciation Days will be held Monday-Thursday, September 19-22 in the Cleburne Lobby. Stop by and register to win Cash Door-Prizes ranging from $100-$500! Winners will be selected by random drawing from members who register in our office or by email between September 19-21, 2022. You must be 18 or older to enter. You will need to provide your name, account number and a phone number to register. Winner must be able to claim their prize in person (with proper I.D) during normal business hours Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm. Limit one entry per member. MCU Board & Staff are ineligible to enter the drawing. The random drawing will take place on Thursday, September 22 and a list of winners will be published at the business meeting.


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