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Technology Update Notification

Upgrades Coming October 2022

Due to Members Credit Union’s ongoing commitment to improving our members experiences thru investments in technology, we are pleased to announce upcoming enhancements being implemented during the month of October. These updates include online items and mobile banking as well as upgrades to customer statements.

Some new and exciting features include:

·         Online Banking ·         iPhone, iPad & Android Mobile App
·         Bill Pay ·         Remote Deposit Capture
·         ACH & Wires ·         Electronic & Paper Statements
·         Security ·         Intuit QuickBooks & Quicken

Many banking services will conveniently remain unchanged:

·         Account Numbers/Routing Number ·         Debit Cards
·         Checks ·         Branch & ATM Locations

We are truly committed to ensuring that the service of our members remains our number one priority during this conversion. Our further commitment to you is to remain your full-service credit union by offering products and services that contribute to your financial success.

We are excited to provide more details and required actions in the coming months. Please be sure to review all future MCU communications and visit our official website at for the most up-to-date information.

We appreciate your banking relationship and the opportunity to continue serving your financial needs.

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